The Ultimate Guide for 2019: How to Make Money on Twitch

It’s evident that the popularity or audience for Twitch has exponentially proliferated. Many already know about the opportunity to make money on Twitch. The best players or streamers in the world earn more than six figures a month. It’s worth mentioning this is absolutely not the norm for others streamers. Beginning and other slightly more experienced players do have the ability to make some money too.

Rogue Energy, one of the industry’s largest affiliate-style gaming sponsorships, is happy and determined about assisting gamers at all levels. As an example, the entire product line for Rogue Energy was created to help players be as competitive as possible. Rogue Energy wants to help by making streamers feel encouraged and excelling the gaming culture.

Money Talk

Eleven variations for how to make money will be spoken about in this article. Above, we learned about what a significant sponsorship can do for a player. A significant sponsorship is also considered to require at least an intermediate level and understanding about streaming and how to make it fun to watch. Very few players achieve the highest level of a sponsorship. People with significant deals receive free care packages, an above average income, and other perks that only fall into the hands of the best. It’s also known that the best players have won a substantial amount of money by winning gaming tournaments.

The thing that is regarded to have the highest value concerning monetization are subscriptions for Twitch’s content. Every streamer’s most desired outcome is to have the most subscribers. Twitch streamers can earn an income by amassing a following that donates monthly. Amounts for donations vary from $4.99 to much higher, extraordinary costs. Twitch subscribers do experience the restriction of only being able to subscribe to gamers with affiliated sponsorships and players in partnership with Twitch. When a streamer signs up for an affiliated deal, he or she gives viewers the opportunity to become a subscriber.

There are different things a gamer can do to entertain his or her audience better. New subscribers could be sent an emote from the streamer when he or she signs up. A verbal shoutout for new subscribers also makes a subscriber feel welcome and appreciated. Loyalty badges can be used for a subscriber-only badge to appear in the chat. Doing this promotes how long a subscriber might stay. Private chat rooms, ad-free viewing, and advantages only available to subscribers are more ideas that have been used to work. Members can be given a name in your channel. This helps make the environment feel like a community.

Many people consider bits to be a fun way for people to show support for a channel. You can pre-purchase bits from the Twitch store. A streamer can be shown more support by a bit when it “cheers” in the chat log of the subscriber’s desired channel. $.01 is earned by a streamer per bit. With that figure listed, a streamer’s cash flow can vary. To receive more bits, a subscriber can share a list of the complete history of top donations. A beautiful widget called Stream Labs serves as a nice leaderboard for displaying in your channel’s subscription. A streamer can also create customized bit badges to his or her channel to add more uniqueness and fun to their channel by giving it more personalization.

Donations are yet another way to make money for subscribers. They can be perceived as the best way to make money via streaming. This shouldn’t necessarily be the norm because scammers do cause problems occasionally. So, the subscriber should always be cautious about the legitimacy of any donations received. It’s better to be on the lookout than to be perpetually skeptical for amounts as low as $5. Notifications can be set up when a person donates to help keep on the lookout for sketchy situations. A donation progress bar can also be used to promote the donations collected during a specified duration. At the end of the day, most contributions are legitimate and sincere.

Video ads are not necessarily very effective for earning revenue. The rate for showing video ads is between $1 and $2 per a whopping 1,000 views. This fact alone makes it almost irrelevant for big channels to see as relevant to their strategy. Twitch partners are encouraged to allow ad-free viewing. Video ads can earn a player some money but not money, so they’re simply not vital to further consider if one wants to make a lot of money.

Using more than one platform can be very useful to deliver your content across different sources. Deciding that content should remain on one platform isn’t conducive for more branding, many would agree. One of a streamer’s many goals should be to put his or her content on YouTube. YouTube has a partner program that is definitely valuable for any streamer to be associated with. Being part of this program allows a subscriber to turn on Ad Sense. Turning on Ad Sense will monetize your video views.

Gamers affiliated with Twitch and partners earn a 5% revenue generated from purchases made on his or her channel. Offering a gentle reminder to your viewers through an affiliate link is helpful to increase the likelihood of somebody purchasing something via your channel. These can be in the form of a discount code too. These codes sell products. This is an advanced tactic.

Final Thoughts

All of this information is pretty simple and can be very helpful if appropriately understood. Rogue Energy wants anybody who loves gaming to see what the future could be and start gaming with them!

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